Writing Contest

I’ve been experimenting with writing small stories about skellies on the market, just 1 or 2 sentences, and 1 out of 3 posts, gets sold within 24 hours I’d say.

So I thought, perhaps this is a perfect thing to get the community involved with.

Feel free to write more if you like 🙂 Can write a whole twitter storm if you want.

Here are 2 examples, Billy the Bank Hater sold almost instantly.

Adopt a skelly story. Community push.


  1.  Post a tweet about a skelly on the market, with link and photo. With a short story. #adoptaskelly
  2. Post the link to that tweet here in the comments
  3. One will be picked randomly to receive a skelly
  4. One retweeter will be picked randomly to receive a spider
  5. Must hold skelly or spider to recieve prize.
  6. Must follow @boneworld_sol, @vozyako, @blondecg

This is a “corrupt” Giveaway. Click here to read more.

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