These are some of the projects we are collaborating with to integrate our skellies, or just in general places you can visit.

If you would like to integrate our FBX files into your metaverse experience, please read the following document: Link  and reach out to Aleksey through discord or Twitter.


Explore new galaxies, stars, and planets in this vast play-to-earn open metaverse.
Hold Vishv NFTs to enter the open metaverse!

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Spatial Gallery

Spatial is a Gallery concept we are exploring. Not direct NFT integration, but still very fun. Will be seeing how much further we can push it.

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Our partnership with Kreechures is a Play 2 Earn system.

Got a whole page decicated to this partnership: Click here to learn more

Coming soon


Portals is a Solana Metaverse showing a lot of promise! Our skellies will be running around there in no time!

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Rumble Worlds is a metaverse battle project where you’ll be able to build and battle with your skellies.

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Solseums is a virtual gallery project that is working on integrating our skellies. 

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Plush fights will be a Street Fighter type NFT based game. 

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