Kreechures P2E with Boneworld

Hi everybody!

@kreechures combat is coming to Boneworld We are pleased to announce that Boneworld is now a part of the @kreechures combat game!

Train, and Battle to earn $KIN rewards. ( their game is still in development, you can’t battle quite yet)

Go to and connect your phantom to start training.

Join their server to ask questions and start earning!

Fun Facts

Did you know that as you train your skelly, you get more kin? And the level is transferred with the skelly when you sell him?

Fun tip

Earn some KIN off the KIN you’ve been earning training on the Kreechures app!
Ty1onTX’s guide to farming KIN.

1. Go to and select launch app.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Swap half of your KIN for RAY. Doesn’t have to be half if you want to keep some KIN unfarmed. Also, you may need to do small increments to make sure you’re getting a decent price.

4. Go to Liquidity and select KIN and RAY and supply the amount of liquidity you want to provide. Probably the max you can unless you’ve kept some KIN not to supply.

Decision time. You can stake this LP in Raydium for 133% APR (currently) and manually harvest and restake or you can stake it at (tulip) to autocompound for 248% APY (currently). It’s the same farm, but solfarm autocompounds so it shows the APY. Raydium doesn’t autocompound, so it shows APR.

Manual – Go to Farms on Raydium and search for KIN. Click on the KIN-RAY LP farm and stake the LP you just did in step 4 for (currently) 133% APR.

Autocompound – Go to Select Launch app. Connect wallet. Search for KIN. Select the KIN-RAY LP and deposit the LP you supplied at Raydium.


If you have any questions, best place to ask is the Kreechures discord: