Spiders can be purchased on Magic Eden

DISCLAIMER: The nft world moves very fast, things change often. These are plans listed here. We will do our best to stick to them, or as closely as we can. But sometimes technical limitations, sometimes market conditions will force us to change some things around. 

We ask for your understanding.

The spiders are a multi edition nft collection. So each one has multiple copies. Some have 100’s some have 10’s. The idea is you can “Collect them all”. We will be adding more spiders to this collection in various ways. Some through “breeding” some will be general sale, some will be only through giveaways or competitions.


Rare spiders quite willingly left their Home land to explore and integrate into the wider world.

Future utility: 
In the future they will have the ability to be used to obtain Special thematic nfts. 

Pastry chef – Deserts collections
Bar Spider – Cocktails collection
Sushi Chef – Fish collection
(plans still under development)

Some will be combinable into more unique spiders. ( I kind of want a crew of construction spiders)

They Can be used to guide your skelly to his very own Island nft.  

Spider Rarities

Here are the quantities of each type of spider.


Spiders can be purchased on Magic Eden

Basic Rarities


The Tribal Spiders were “Evacuated” from Bone Island.

Future utility: 
2 or more of the same color can be fused together to create unique spiders. With individual traits. Like hats, backpacks etc..

The resulting spiders will maintain the original color. 

So far i’m thinking Camo ones will be like Special forces with weaponry on them 🙂 Some colors may be more party oriented. Yellow ones might be running a fruit juice location.. Hairdressers, Gardeners, carpenters…

Was also thinking of a cliche country stereotype collection. Not  sure how that will be implemented yet.

These collections will be dropped one at a time, in the future. So this is isn’t something you’ll be able to do immediately.

They Can be used to guide your skelly to his very own Island nft.  

Example of Tribal combination

Basic SPIDERS - Service Spiders

Basic spiders or McDegens service spiders are happily employed by “The Company”. No more questions!

Future utility:  Perhaps there will be some group ceremony where 10 basic spiders will need to be sacrificed to create a special spider Egg.. And perhaps a Skelly has to watch.. To ensure the process goes smoothly.. 

(This number may be reduced. Initially this plan was introduced, because we were expecting them to crush the collections floor, but they did not. Wooh!)


They Can be used to guide your skelly to his very own Island nft.