Commercial Rights Licensing

Commercial rights holders document

So there have been some questions about Commercial rights.

While I personally, as an artist, definitely see the benefit of copyright laws. And I definitely like that the laws we have protect my work and prevent say Nike from using my work to sell sneakers without my permission. I do not like what they have turned our world into, creatively.

Humans have historically grown and developed by taking other people’s ideas and improving them. Copying them, transforming them and combining. It’s our most valuable ability. We imitate, and create new things.

In our current world most copyright laws seem to be mostly benefiting corporations. ESPECIALLY when the original creators are long dead..

BUT we are now entering a very new place with NFT’s and this collection mechanic.

So let’s start with this: If you own a Boneworld NFT and you want to create stuff with it:

I want you to do that!

If you want to create something with boneworld, NFT’s, shirts, even sneakers. Just DM me, I will probably approve. We are working on a DAO, and most likely I’ll just ask to shoot a small % of profits to the DAO wallet, so that it goes back to the community.

My goal is to have as much stuff being created with this as possible. I want people to ask what this is, and be told about it, and sent to the nft space so they can think about buying some skellies.

If you own a skellie and make cool stuff with it, I want you to profit ( either by holding or creating). That’s one of the main points of this project. I want to make art, and I want people who support me and my art to make money, so that they can do stuff that they enjoy. It’s pretty straight forward 🙂

A final thought about Nike using the skellies. The crazy thing with the NFT collectible era, in the past, if Nike went to my site and used my art without my permission, that would be bad.. I’d have to sue them, or shame them on twitter.. it would be expensive and inconvenient. NOW if Nike uses our skellies, people ask what it is and it increases the value of all of our NFT’s! It would be nice if Nike was holding a couple of skellies. And I might need to write that into a document.. If your company is worth more than a couple of million, you need perhaps 1 skellie for every million in revenue or something.. But overall, the more skellies there are out there in the world, the more people talking about them, the more the value of this collection goes up.

So if you want to make anything, just DM me and ask. Unless it’s somehow hate/oppression related, I’ll probably say yes. If it’s merch, probably will go with “BoneWorld – Authorized”

P.s. Ah also, this is a great video about ideas and concepts and development of them, REALLY interesting: