Corrupt Giveaways

The purpose of twitter giveaways is to increase awareness through people retweeting for a chance to win.


-Winners are often accounts which only retweet giveaways. This is bad for engagement. We want real accounts with actual content/real active twitter members

-The prize just ends up on the floor. Not good for market. We want holders/people who appreciate the art. Who will then share and participate in the community and potentially bring in more collectors.

Solution: Every time we spin the wheel, we check the twitter account for “Realness”. Examples:

  • Posts that are not just retweets of giveaways. ( some are fine )
  • Boneworld pfp ( not necessary, but helps )
  • posts sharing ideas/feeling
  • Links to other social media profiles ( real people )

And there you have it.

P.S. great video to watch on the problem of fake followers, its for facebook, but same issue happens with twitter when you force people to follow your account:

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