Welcome To Boneworld

Ahoy, me hearties! Listen up! Boneworld be a brand o' digital NFT collectibles, savvy? These here toys be Non-Fungible, which means they're one of a kind, just like yer little dark soul.

Now, these collectibles be livin' on the Solana blockchain and ye can get yer hands on 'em from many different market places, ye savvy? Just take a gander at the links above.

The original Series were the Skellies ye be seein' above, but that be just the tip o' the iceberg! Below ye will find plans fer future and current collections, so ye can keep yer treasure chest full o' these fantastic digital creations. Ah, and let's not forget, me hearty, that the Spiders have already been released, so don't be a landlubber and miss out on 'em!

Please join our Discord if you have questions, we are a very helpful bunch.


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Skelly pets

Bone island: Staking solution

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Let's go!

Skellies UNITE!

Boneworld Is a project with many goals and aspirations. We intend to figure out how to build products that entice people to collect them and trade them with friends. Something they can value for years to come.

3d Files

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Island Twitter banner

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Road Map

The Lore of this project

This is a multi-pronged approach:

  1.  All future mints will only be available to collectors who hold original skellies from the first Boneworld collection. And they will be very reasonably priced. ( probably the same as a regular rug at the time).
  2. Boneworld is aiming to improve the Solana ecosystem. Through building  tools, pushing limits and partnering with other projects with similar goals.
  3. Bringing the collectibles concept to the real world. Creating 3d printable toys, merch, figuring out how to run and pay taxes on a purely crypto based company, and providing educational material to help people navigate the Solana ecosystem and the crypto space in general.

The First steps are figuring out how to make this project work as a collectible, which people genuinely love to collect. Then we can use that base to push further into unexplored territory.

Capital at RISK! – However it is necessary to remind any potential buyers that the price of this project may go up or down, and there no limits to how far down. It is the nature of all crypto projects. Do not spend more than you can afford to lose.

I encourage people to buy the ones they like the look of. This should be something you want to collect.

One Avatar.

The Entire Metaverse to Explore, Build, Destroy

Listen up, ye scallywags! This be a collection of 10,000 generative 3D Bone Avatars, each one livin’ as an NFT on the Solana blockchain. Now, these avatars be special, with over 120+ traits across 5 categories. Ye heard me right, mateys! And each accessory presented in the collection was designed with care and love. Even the Common attributes had lots of attention put into ’em. Arr, we hope each one of these beauties finds a lovin’, carin’ home. Seriously though, we’re talkin’ about a nice home here, none of that abuse bullshit, savvy?

Get to know the founder with this Crypto Papi Interview!

The OG Boneworld collection are these skeleton characters, often referred to by the community as “skellies”.

We have plans for many collections into the future. Years of plans! To mint each collection you will need certain traits. Here are just some examples. Sports attire for beefed up skellies, robotic traits for Meks, Mushrooms for whimsical magical skellies. And so on. 


The Core Team is comprised of Maria and Aleksey. They have been working together for many years creating 3d characters and animation for tv commercials and various other mediums. 

Igor is a shadowy dev who doesn’t particularly enjoy social interaction, he was poached from Citi group, and forced to learn solana blockchain. He’s doing pretty damn well. First thing he did was wrote his own block chain in python between his home computers. He’s the kinda guy who likes to figure out how everything works from the ground up.

Core Team


Bone Lord
One of the Founders of this project. Steering the ship towards bone island!


Super talented artist, programmer, character designer, pipeline organizer.


He like to figure out how things work. Like at their core. Dives REAL deep!
From Aleksey

Origin Story

It all started a long time ago, in a place.. on the internet.. Well it wasn’t that long, but in crypto terms it was LOOOONG..

I was trying to make and sell some crypto art. I sold this fun piece [NSFW link]. But then it was all kind of quiet. Made a couple of things, nothing really sold for months. And then one day [this guy] got a bid, way above the reserve price. And the guy who bought it reached out to me and asked if I want to do a project with him. A 10k collectible. He would handle all the marketing, dev side and I would do the art. He had a very impressive nft portfolio, clearly knew his stuff and was generous with the money. So I said, “sure, why not”.

I Asked Maria if she wanted to join, and we were off. Kinda scary, but we had passive income from our Online shop and some decent savings.

While we were working he asked if we wanted to take over the project after we mint. At this point we had no idea about what was involved in running a project after mint. He told us: "Nothing huge, make the fbx files to work in metaverse, make some merch, maybe some toys". I thought "well if it sells out, that doesn't seem like such a big deal". Was still worried that we'd make all these promises and then he'd rug pull us, and we'd be left with fulfilling promises without any cash, and with a lot of angry people.

Now the way they launched wasn't exactly how i would've done it, but if i was doing it back then, we wouldn't have a project right now. There is no way we could've pulled this all off without him. But his approach was very "marketing centered", his team was building a discord and inviting people into it before we event started to publicly show art. Even up to mint. until the last few days there was only like 6-7 sneak peaks.. and they weren't even particularly good looking. So this was very Hype based, lots of DM shillers and paid influencers.

Initially on mint day we didn't sell out at the original price he was aiming for ( I still had no say in any aspect of the project, was just doing art with Maria). But once he didn't sell out at 2.9, only like 3000 minted and then it slowed to almost zero speed. And they kind of panicked, and they asked me what I wanted to do. I had no clue, they said we can cut price or cut supply. Knee jerk reaction was to cut supply, but that’s just because I didn't want to disappoint the people who paid 2.9 sol, and believed it was worth 2.9 sol. 

They announced, didn’t really help. Discord was hell. Death, rape threats, stupid amount of bots posting this is a rug pull.. CHAOS. Some people very politely demanding refunds. At this point I took a more hands on approach. I started reading everything and looking for people writing anything with some kind of logic or cohesive thoughts. And i found SolBigbrain, David.rsd, Dotsy, and a few others. The consensus was to halve the price and airdrop an extra skelly for every skelly already purchased. I went through “share your skellies” and asked as many people as I could ( existing collectors) what they thought about this. And everyone except one person said “More skellies? Fuck yeah!”.

And after some problem with the remaining mint, some kind of failure of the node that was verifying us, we managed to mint out. After a couple of stressful days of finishing the airdrops ( it is not a fast process). It was done, and I was handed the private keys to the dev wallet and our cut was transferred. ( We didn’t get anywhere near millions, but this was more money than either of us had ever had, so we were happy).

My partner said if i needed anything urgent I could ask his dev, but i should probably find my own for future stuff. ( that dev didn’t really enjoy solana as much, he came from ETH ).

At this point the roadmap was just Fbx, merch and skelly pets ( this was also new, in order to compensate white list holders). But then as i was spending time in the discord people started discussing other projects and all the potential things that could be implemented. Staking, new collections, tokenomics etc. And in between dealing with the remaining chaos. There was still a lot of it. I got to researching all these options. It’s when I suggested spider airdrop for testing potential staking solution. ( didn’t even know there was a dev net back then). And basically all the other stuff was from that point on. So that’s kind of why this project is a bit slower to implement things like staking than other projects. Because it was never on the roadmap. I honestly had no idea about all this gamification aspect of projects. I thought it was just the collectible jpegs aspect. That’s why my main push was to make them as appealing as possible. 

So anyway.. Now we are wiser, more experienced and slowly moving forward and exploring all the possibilities that exist out there. We are all incredibly grateful for all the support we get from the community! You skellies are fuking AWESOME! 

Boy, that's a lot of writing.. And that’s the short version, left out a lot.. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We minted on the 29th of September. Originally the mint price was 2.9Sol, but we didn't mint out, so we lowered it to 1.45 Sol, and air dropped early minters and extra skelly for each one they already had. Eventually on 2nd of October 2021 we sold out.

Magic Eden - Most are listed here

Exchange.art - You can actually make offers on unlisted Skellies here

Digital Eyes - Only place to get flaming skulls

Alpha Art

FTX.US - You can pay with credit card here

We are an art driven project. Our main goal is to deliver collectibles to people who enjoy collecting pretty things. 

We are mostly focused on creating IP for others to use in their games.

The delivery system of future project will be slightly gamified. As holder of the Original skelly collection you will get new collections for a very little price. So that the profit will go mostly to our collectors.

I believe this nft space is great because everyone can focus on what they enjoy and are good at and integrate it with each other. If you want to make a fighting or adventure game, you can use our skellies as content in it. 

I'm trying to run this project as legitimately as possible. ( All my crypto friend say I'm insane, and that's impossible)

I'm not here to make tonnes of money. I'm here to figure out how to use this NFT mechanic to build things that have true genuine long term value for people.

Low floors are an indicator, one of many, of the performance of the collection. 

I'm constantly exploring and trying methods to raise them. If I just sweep, that's only sustainable until the project runs out of money.

We have a current plan that we will be putting into action soon. We will be buying undesired skellies and upgrading them slightly. And then putting them back on the market at a higher price. 

The community seems on board, we will see how this works out.

Read more on discord here.

Generally I want to encourage as much creation and profit with skellies as possible. 

I want boneworld to be more of a religion than a corporation. Every skelly owner can make, print, sculpt skellies and stuff from our universe. The exact mechanics are still being worked out, but you can read more about my thoughts on the matter if you click here

I think the main goal of the DAO should be to be able to maintain the project if something bad happens to me and maria. ( covid, bus, rug pull)

They would receive essential art assets, and guidance on how to hire other artists etc..

This way while everything is going well, they can focus on marketing and building the community. And then if something goes bad, they can relatively smoothly maintain momentum as a community.

[update]: unfortunately the DAO kinda got out of hand. Will be looking to form something better when the time is right. 

Currently we do not. But we do plan on releasing special edition spiders to raise money for various charities. 

And on a grander level, once we figure out how to run successful value driven nft projects, we want to make a template set of instructions so that charities can use them to raise money. 

You can read more about it on our discord here

Well this project is mostly structured in such a way that me and Maria can handle the entire process. So if there is a  prolonged bear market it just means that we will have to reduce hired staff. But we'll keep working on it. We REALLY love this project. It is our life's work now!

Once again, you can check out the work me an Maria have been doing professionaly at Ace5 studios. I've been doing this for over 15 years and been working with Maria for about 4 years.